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How Gopal came to ISKCON  (Eng.) 
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Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu Temple/Tempel


(Eng.)The ruraly situated Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu Temple, in Gadeigiri (Jagatsinghpur district, in the state of Orissa, India) several hours out of Bhubaneswar (by car or bus)(for more photos please go to the "Photos" page).

(Nl.)   De landelijk gelegen Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu Tempel, te Gadeigiri (Jagatsinghpur district, in de staat Orissa, India) enkele uren rijden vanaf Bhubaneswar (voor meer foto's ga a.u.b. naar de "Foto's" pagina).

(Eng.)The in the Temple centraly situated main altar with a.o. (top fltr.:) Sri Gaurahari, Sri Sri Radha Gopal, Sri Nrsimhadeva (Salagram Sila/yellow face), Sri Jagannatha (Dadhi Baman), (middle fltr.:) Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan, SRI SRI RADHA GOPALJIU, Sri Sri Radha Sundargopal and (bottom fltr.:) in murtiform H.D.G. Gour Govinda Swami Srila Gurudeva and H.D.G. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and furthermore in photoform Sri Guruparampara and the six Goswami's of Vrindavan. 

(Nl.)   Het in de Tempel centraal gesitueerde hoofd altaar met o.a. (boven vlnr.:) Sri Gaurahari, Sri Sri Radha Gopal, Sri Nrsimhadeva (Salagram Sila/geel gezicht), Sri Jagannatha (Dadhi Baman), (midden vlnr.:) Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan, SRI SRI RADHA GOPALJIU, Sri Sri Radha Sundargopal en (onder vlnr.:) in murtivorm H.D.G. Gour Govinda Swami Srila Gurudeva en  H.D.G. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada en verder in fotovorm Sri Guruparampara en de zes Gosvami's van Vrindavan.

(Eng.)The Transcendental Couple SRI SRI RADHAGOPALJIU (on the main altar situated in the centre).

(Nl.)   Het Trancedentale Paar SRI SRI RADHA GOPALJIU (op het hoofdaltaar in het midden gesitueerd).

(Eng.)At the back of the Temple (on the leftside) there is the altar with Sri Nrsimhadeva and Sri Prahlad (not shown) and with the saviours of the most fallen Sri Gauranga (a.k.a Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu) (on our right) and his eternal brother Sri Nityananda (on our left).

(Nl.)   Links achterin de Tempel bevindt zich het altaar met Sri Nrsimhadeva en Sri Prahlad (niet afgebeeld) en met de redders van de meest gevallenen Sri Gauranga (ookwel Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu) (voor ons rechts) en zijn eeuwige broer Sri Nityananda (voor ons links).

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The book GopalJiu - The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami

(Eng.)What's following are some story's about Gadeigiri/Gopal/Gopal's Temple/etc. from the book
GopalJiu-The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami (see picture) by GopalJiu publications. 
To purchase this book please look at the bottom of the page "Srila Gour Govinda Swami" (under the books) for details.

(Nl.)  Op het onderste gedeelte van deze pagina vind u het verhaal "Gopal comes from Vrindavan" vertaald naar het Nederlands; "Gopal komt uit Vrindavan".
Om dit boekje aan te schaffen (alleen in het Engels verkrijgbaar) kijk a.u.b. onderaan de pagina "Srila Gour Govinda Swami" (onder de boeken) voor details. 

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Founding of Gadeigiri

The following are some excerpts from the book GopalJiu - The Beloved Diety of Srila Gour Govinda Swami (by GopalJiu publications).

Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja was born to a daughter of the Giri family and from his early childhood rendered various services to Gopal. Throughout his life Gour Govinda Swami would always go to visit Gopal whenever possible. He left this world while gazing at a photo of Gopal. The last word he spoke was, "Gopal." The following account is adapted from the book, GopalJiu-The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami (page 1 to 6)

Chapter one
Early years

The village of Gadeigiri is situated in the Jagatsinghpur District of east central Orissa. It is a quiet place much like other small villages in India, consisting mostly of mud huts with thatched roofs. The residents take their daily bath in the local pond, keep cows, and cook over cow-dung fires in the same way their ancestors have done for thousands of years. The main sources of livelihood are rice cultivation and the selling of brass utensils.

In front of almost every house one will find a shrine for the sacred Tulasi plant, and it is common to hear the sound of the Maha Mantra— Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare-Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare— being sung. The residents of Gadeigiri are very devoted to Gopal. The long-standing tradition in the village is that the first fruit or flower that appears in any garden must be offered to the Gopal Deity, and it is understood that if one does this, those trees and shrubs will give their fruits and flowers abundantly.

The founding of Gadeigiri

The village Gadeigiri is named after its founder, Gadai Giri, who migrated from the district of Midnapur in the seventeenth century. He was a businessman who regularly came to the area to sell utensils and bell-metal items. Every year Gadai Giri would come during the rainy season, stay four or five months, and then return to Midnapur.

Gadai Giri was a gentle and saintly person. He would rise early each morning and perform kirtan. Then after taking some flat rice and water he would go out selling brass utensils door to door. When evening arrived he would spend the night in some village and join with the local people in their daily custom of singing kirtan and reciting Srimad-Bhagavatam.

He soon became well known as a good kirtana singer and devotee and he recieved frequent invitations to take part in different sankirtana festivals celebrated for the plesure of the various local deity's of Baladev Jiu, Brindaban Bihari Jiu, Radha Madan Mohan Jiu, and Dadhi Baman Jiu.

Appreciating Gadai Giri's saintly qualities, the local zamindar (feudal landlord) offered to give him some nearby land. Shortly thereafter Gadai Giri met a naga-sannyasi, a naked mendicant, who was very pleased with Gadai Giri's gentle behavior and high character.

One day, Gadai Giri and the sannyasi were walking together in the forrest when suddenly they heard the sweet voices of several different kinds of birds as well as the sounds of a flute, ankle bells, and a conch shell.
The naga-sadhu told him, "Where such auspicious sounds are heard, Krishna Himself is present. Wherever Krishna is present His consort Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune, is also present.This is a sacred place, a place of glory. You should build a house here for your residence and engage yourself fully in the service of the Lord. Here, whatever you desire will immediately fulfiled". 

Presenting all these things before the zamindar, Gadai Giri received from him a large segment of land, including an area for cultivation. He cleared a small section of the jungle indicated by the naga-sadhu and built a house and a small Temple wherein he established a Deity of Dadhi Baman.
When Lord Jagannath is worshiped without his brother Baladeva and sister Subhadra, He is known as Patita Pavan or Dadhi Baman.
Gadai Giri left his brass business and simply engaged himself in bhajan and kirtan. Many wandering sadhus and sannyasis came to join with Gadai Giri's kirtan. Gradually other people came to stay permanently, and a village developed in that place, in Gadai Giri's name.

Gopal Giri

Gadai Giri had only one son, who was named Gopal Giri. Gopal Giri was influenced by the devotional qualities of his father and was very devoted to Lord Jagannath. Every year he would go to Puri to see the Ratha-yatra festival. He was also very attached to performing sankirtan, and was expert in many different styles of kirtan.

Gopal Giri had a desire to worship a Deity of Gopal. Unable to find such a deity, he decided to go to Puri, thinking that if he would render service to Lord Jagannath there, then somehow Gopal would come to him. Arriving in Puri, he stayed in the area known as Kundei Benta Sahi, near Grand Road. As he was very scholarly, he easily obtained service in the office of the king, where he became the poddar, or cashier, for the Temple of Lord Jagannath.

Gopal Giri led a very regulated life. While staying in Puri he would daily go to see Lord Jagannath, and at the Temple he would sit on the bais pahaca, the twenty-two steps inside the compound leading up to the main darsana area, and there he would read Srimad-Bhagavatam. In the evening he would take Prasad and go home. Every Sunday he would go to the Satalahari Math, a Temple near the ocean, where he would sit and read Srimad-Bhagavatam and chant Harinam. He was very attached to Srimad-Bhagavatam.

source: GopalJiu publications

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Gopal comes from Vrindavan

During the Ratha-Yatra festivals in Puri, he would approach devotees and sadhus coming from Vrindavan and ask them to bring him back a Deity of Gopal. They would readily agree. "Yes, yes," they would say. "Next time I will bring a Gopal Deity for you." But no one ever brought a Deity. At this same time, in Vrindavan there was one renounced devotee who was worshiping a deity of Gopal. One night this Gopal deity appeared in the sannyasi's dream and spoke to him.

Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami tells this story:

"Gopal Giri was serving in Puri as a government cashier. He was always thinking in his mind, 'If I can get a Gopal Deity I'll offer worship to Him.' But he thought, 'How can I go to Vrindavan?' He had a strong desire to get a Deity.

"At that time this Deity of Gopal was in Vrindavan with a sannyasi Vaisnava, a renunciate. He was doing madhukari, begging, and he was keeping that Deity in his jhola, (a cloth tied as a bag). During the day, he would go out and do madhukari, then in the evening he would cook whatever he had begged and offer it to Gopal. In this way, he was leading his life.

"One night this Gopal Deity told the Vaisnava, 'You take me to Gopal Giri, the son of Gadai Giri. He wants to offer Me worship. I want to go there. Take me there.'

"But the Vaisnava thought that it was only a dream. He did not take it seriously. After a few days Gopal came again in a dream and beat him with a cane on his legs. It was such a severe beating that his legs were bleeding. The sannyasi Vaisnava woke up and begged, apologizing, 'Please forgive me for my offense. I did not take Your order seriously. But You have beaten me so severely, how can I go there with such wounds on my legs?'

"Gopal said, 'When Gopal Giri touches you, it will be healed, otherwise you cannot be cured. You go there at once. Don't make any delay.'

"So he started walking. At that time there was no communication system, no train or bus. The only way was by walking. It took him two and a half months to reach Puri. At this time Gopal Giri was staying in a rented house at Kundhei Benta Sahi in Puri. The Vaisnava reached Puri in the evening and stayed near the Jagannath temple. Early the next morning he inquired, 'Who is Gopal Giri? I want to meet him.'

"Many people knew Gopal Giri. He was famous as the cashier of the Jagannath temple. So he quickly found Gopal Giri at his rented house.

"Gopal Giri had just finished his bath and was putting on tilak. The Vaisnava arrived and offered his obeisances to Gopal Giri. He then took the Deity from his bag and presented Him to Gopal Giri. Gopal Giri was amazed. 'What is this? Who are you, and where has this Deity come from?'

"The Vaisnava replied, 'You wanted Gopal to worship, so Gopal has come from Vrindavan. I was in Vrindavan carrying this Gopal. He told me to hand Him over to you, and He beat me.' He showed Gopal Giri his legs and said, 'If you touch it, it will be cured; otherwise it will not be cured.' So Gopal Giri immediately touched him and the injury was gone.

"Gopal Giri was very happy that Gopal had fulfilled his desire. He couldn't go to Vrindavan, but Gopal had come to him. Gopal Giri went to the market and purchased rice, dal, and vegetables. He prepared Prasad and gave some to the Vaisnava.
Then he went to the king and offered his resignation, saying, 'I don't want to serve any more.'

 When he returned to his room he opened his bag and told that Vaisnava, 'You can take as much money as you want. 
"The Vaisnava said, 'No, I don't want any money. I only want to do service for Gopal. Wherever Gopal goes, I will go. I want to go and serve Him. I am not one to sell Gopal. I am a servant. I won't take any money.'

"Later on, Gopal Giri again went to see the king. The king asked him, 'Why did you resign?' 'I have a Temple in my village and I had a desire to get a Deity of Gopal to worship.' "The king was very pleased and said, 'All right, your desire is very noble. I have no objection. But sometimes you must come to Puri with your kirtan party and chant in Jagannath's temple.'

"Gopal Giri also had a Deity made of Radha and installed Her. Their Temple was a mud hut. He made all arrangements for Gopal, providing agricultural property so that in the future there would not be any difficulty for Gopal's maintenance. Gopal Giri was a wealthy person. His family had landed property and they were famous for kirtan. Every day kirtan was going on. At last that land has come to me. Now we are taking care, constructing a nice Temple for Gopal.
(here ends Maharaja's explanation)

The king gave Gopal Giri some extra months' salary and allowed him to go. Gopal Giri then sent a message to Gadeigiri for a kirtan group to come to Puri to accompany Gopal to His new home. When the Gajapati king heard the kirtan of the Gadeigiri villagers he became very pleased. It is written in the Mada La-panji, the history book of the Temple of Lord Jagannath, that whenever the kirtan party from Gadeigiri comes they should be allowed to perform kirtan in the Temple.

Gopal Giri installed the Gopal deity in Gadeigiri and requested the renunciate from Vrindavan to perform Gopal's daily worship. After serving Gopal for twenty years, the renunciate departed this world and was given samadhi, ritual burial, near Gopal's Temple. After this, Gopal Giri engaged other renounced Vaisnavas in the daily worship of Gopal.

source: GopalJiu publications

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How Gopal came to ISKCON

The following story is about how Gopal came to ISKCON, also from the book GopalJiu-The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami (by GopalJiu publications)(pages 55 till 61).

Donating Gopal

Ghanashyam Giri's father, Gopinath Giri, departed this world in 1964. From 1964 until 1992 Ghanashyam Giri was entrusted with serving Gopal. He worked very hard to make Gopal happy, but after some time he found that there was very little help.

Cocerned about how Gopal's service could be maintained, he remembered his cousin-brother Braja-bandhu Manik who had become a sannyasi-guru in ISKCON and was now known as Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja.
Ghanashyam Giri thought that since Gour Govinda Swami had so much devotion for Gopal he would be the appropriate person to whom to pass on the service of Gopal.

In the meantime, Gour Govinda Swami was regularly coming to Gadeigiri for darsana. Before and after traveling abroad for his preaching tours he would always seek the blessings of Gopal.

In 1989 Gour Govinda Swami began bringing devotees from the large ISKCON Temple in Bhubaneswar to Gadeigiri to celebrate Radhastami, the appearance festival of srimate Radharani. This developed into a grand festival of kirtana, lectures and Prasad, and many of the local villagers would enthusiastically participate.

Again, Ghanashyam Giri decided to give Gopal to Gour Govinda Swami. They discussed the matter and Gour Govinda Swami happely agreed to accept the responsebility.
But shortly thereafter Ghanashyam Giri began again to have second thoughts. If he gave Gopal to the guru of so many Westerners, would Gopal then belong to the Western corner? One year went by, and seeing his reluctance Gour Govinda Swami became disappointed.

Ghanashyam Giri recalls the incident that changed his mind:

About 2:30 one morning I had a dream. Gopal came and was standing near my head. He said, "Why are you sleeping? Wake up! So many troubles have came to you, but have you felt any difficulty? No, because I am always behind you. Now you are alone. How can you arrange all types of festivals for Me?
I am always very interested to hear nama-sankirtana. Gour Govinda Swami is your own relative. Why don't you give Me to him? So, now tell Me, will you give Me or not?"
In the dream I said, "Yes. Yes. I will give. I will give."

Suddenly my wife woke me up and said, "What are you saying? What will you give? To whom will you give? You are speaking like a madman. What happend?"
I told her that Gopal had just come and asked me if I was going to give Him to Gour Govinda Swami or not and i said, "Yes. Yes. I will give. I will give." I told her, "Gopal was standing near that window. He just left."

My wife said gently, "Go and donate Gopal to Srila Gurudeva. Whatever property you have you should also give to him. If he takes Gopal then Gopal will be happy and He will be taken care of nicely. You will be able to see Gopal here every day. Why are you hesitating?" In this way my doubt were cleared.

The next day I was preparing to go to Bhubaneswar to see Gour Govinda Swami, but I heard that Gurudeva was coming to Gadeigiri. So I stayed and waited for his arrival. He came a few days later and I met with him.
He asked me, "How are you? What about Gopal?" I said, "I have been waiting for you to come, to give Gopal to you."

Gurudeva looked at me for a moment and laughed. He said, "What has happend to you? What has brought about this change?" He said, "Has Gopal spoken to you?"
I said, "Yes, Gurudeva, Gopal spoke to me." Then Gurudeva asked me, "What day was it that He spoke to you, and what time?"I told him, "Twelve days before, at 2:30 in the morning."
Gurudeva nodded his head up and down. "Gopal came and spoke with me on the same morning at 2:00 am then at 2:30 He came to you.

That morning I was translating the Bhagavatam into Oriya. I dozed off for a few moments.
Gopal came to me and said, "You installed Radha-Gopinath here.
Has Gopinath replaced Me in your life?" (Srila Gour govinda Swami had commissioned a sculptor to make deities of Radha and Krishna to be exactly the same height, width, standing position, etc., as Radha Gopal in Gadeigiri, and installed them on the ISKCON property at Bhubaneswar, naming them "Radha-Gopinath").

Gopal again asked Srila Gurudeva, "Is Gopinath the same for you as me?"
With folded hands Gurudeva replied, "No."
Then Gopal said, "You are worshipping here, but I can't come here. Gadeigiri is the house of My devotees. They have no wealth, but there mind is always on Me. Even if they only offer Me a tulasi leaf and a little water I am happy there.

There are always saying, 'Gopal! Gopal!' I cannot leave them and come here. You are not doing any service for Me because Ghanashyam has not given Me to you. He promised, 'Unless Gopal tells me to give Him.'" Gopal then said, "I will speak to Ghanashyam. First I have met with you and now I am going to Ghanashyam."

While Gurudeva and I were speaking, one of my familie members was there. They said, "You are always taking about donating Gopal, but your are only speaking and not giving."
I said, "No, today I must donate Gopal to Gurudeva. Bring Tulasi and water and chant mantra."
Gurudeva asked, "How will you donate to me?"

I said, "As Srimad Bhagavatam describes that Bali Maharaja donated to Lord Vamanadev, like that I will donate Gopal to you. You place your hand under mine and I will donate three times with water and Tulasi leaf."

I called for a brahmin who put Tulasi and water in my hand. I said, "First I donate to you Radha Gopal Jiu. Secondly I give you all of Gopal's paraphernalia. Thirdly I donate the property to you. From tomorrow you will take charge.

source: GopalJiu publications

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A Temple for Gopal

Gour Govinda Swami immediately accepted Gopal and the property, and on 15 November 1993 he recorded everything in the name of ISKCON, the institution of his spiritual master.

Gour Govinda Swami then sent two of his diciples to Gadeigiri. They arranged to fix the broken Temple building and make nice arrangements for Gopal's worship. The existing Temple for Gopal was very small and simple. Now that Gopal was under his care, Gour Govinda Maharaja wanted to build something nice for Gopal. He was very eager to see the work begin.
On 23 November Fakir Charan went to see Gour Govinda Swami in Bhubaneswar. Fakir Charan remembers:

When he saw us he started scolding us. He said, "The registration was finished eight days ago, where have you been? My dear Gopal's work is not going on correctly. Gopal is beating me." He then showed us his back, which bore fresh marks from a beating. I was shocked. We both begged forgiveness for the delay. He then replied, "The devotee of Krishna never fears anyone. This is service for Krishna, so where is the fear? 

On 17 January 1994 Gour Govinda Swami laid the foundation stone for Gopal's new Temple and he installed a deity of Anantasesh. In his lecture that day he spoke to all of the devotees as well as to the laborers and construction workers who were there to begin work on the new Temple:

The following is spoken by Srila Gour Govinda Swami:

With the help of the two rishis Bhrigu and Bharadwaj, Agastya Muni once build a huge Temple for Krishna at Kalahasti in Rajasthan. Many Laborers had been engaged to build that Temple. Bhrigu and Bharadwaj were supervising them. The laborers where working hard from morning to sunset.

Every evening before sunset, Agastya would sit on the bank of the nearby river and call all of the laborers.
By his order Bhrigu and Bharadwaj would then give a handful of sand to each laborer. That was their payment for the whole day's work.
But when the two rishis gave the sand, it at once turned into gold. According to how hard the laborer was working, he recieved a proportionate amount of gold. So whoever was working harder was getting more gold.
Whoever was working less would only get a small amount, and if someone was not working at all, only cheating, they would find only sand in their hands, no gold.

In this dealing there was no partiality and no complaints. Everything took place before God who is the supreme eyewitness. Each worker happily accepted his proper due, no more and no less. The laborers where thinking,"Whatever I am doing, Krishna is in my heart constantly watching me. So I am working in His presence."
If one has this kind of mentality his work is called Sadhu-karma, very pious work. If your heart is clear then all your activities will be clear and pious. Whatever work you touch will be succesful and great.

This is Gopal's work. Don't neglect it. Don't quarrel and don't be duplicitous. Don't steal anything. After this Temple is complete, if the rules and regulations are followed nicely here, then it will help this area's inhabitants in their spiritual as well as economic development.

Why are we building a temple here? Because this place is tapa-bhumi, a place of austerities. This is a very special place. By doing a little sadhana or bhajan here, one can get great benefit in his spiritual life. The kirtana and austerities of this place brought Gopal from Vrindavan. This place will kill the demoniac nature.

Ravan was a most powerful demon, but he was always afraid of tapa-sakti, the power of austerities. Therefore he told his followers that they could go to every place to the north except Vedapuri (now modern Pondicherry in South India), because that place would kill the demoniac nature. So This Gadeigiri, the place of Gopal, is a place of samskara and sadhana. Everyone should accept this place as their own and let their life be succesful.

Here ends Maharaja's lecture

Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu ki jaya, Gaura bhakta vrinda ki jaya, Nitai-Gaura premananda, Hari Haribol!

source: GopalJiu publications

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Photos/ Foto's of Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu

(Eng.)Sri Gopal and Srimate Radharani end of 2006, beginning 2007...

  Sri Gopal en Srimate Radharani einde 2006, begin 2007...

...on different days...

(Nl.)   ...op verschillende dagen...

(Eng.) different outfits...

(Nl.) varierende kledij...

...under a different light...

(Nl.)   ...onder andere belichting...

(Eng.) Their nightoutfits...

(Nl.)   ...
in Hun nachtkleding...

(Eng.)...during the Vasanta rasa festival...

(Nl.)   ...tijdens het Vasanta rasa festival...

(Eng)...during the Dola yatra festival...

   ...tijdens het Dola yatra festival...

(Eng.)...and during the Puspa abhiseka festival when Gopal, Sri Radhe and the other Persons on the altar are decorated with many flowers...(also see next two photos) 

(Nl.)   ...en tijdens het Puspa abhiseka festival wanneer Gopal, Sri Radhe en de andere Personen op het altaar letterlijk in de bloementjes worden gezet...(zie ook de volgende twee foto's)

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Gopal's video's

(Eng.)On these videos you see Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu and Balarama, The Gadeigiri bhajan band and many villagers/devotees during the Dola yatra festival (which begins on Gaura Purnima day and goes on for seven days altogether)(also see the "Photos 2007" page).

Please excuse us for the bad quality of the videos, nice quality footage is more than welcome, if available, please contact us.

(Nl.)   Op deze video's ziet u Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu en Balarama, de Gadeigiri bhajan band en vele dorpelingen/toegewijden tijdens het Dola yatra festival (wat begint op Gaura Purnima dag en al met al zeven dagen duurt)(zie ook de pagina "Foto's 2007").

Excuseer on a.u.b. voor de slechte kwaliteit van de video's, goede kwaliteits opnamen zijn meer dan welkom, wanneer beschikbaar, neem a.u.b. kontakt met ons op.


Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu - Dola yatra festival 2007 - 2:21


Gadeigiri bhajanband in surrounding area - Dola yatra festival 2007 - 8:00


Sri Sri Radha GopalJiu/Balarama/Gadeigiri bhajanband in Balikuda - Dola yatra festival 2007 - 1:08


Radha GopalJiu Abhisheka (Vasanta Pancami day) - 2008 - 6:43

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Gopal komt vanuit Vrindavan

Het volgende verhaal is een stukje uit de geschiedenis van "onze" Gopal vertaald vanuit het Engels vanuit het boekje GopalJiu-The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami (door GopalJiu publications)(van pagina 6 t/m 11, Gopal comes from Vrindavan).

Allereerst is het handig te weten wie Gopal Giri Prabhu is, namelijk de zoon van Gadai Giri, die in de 17de eeuw het naar hem vernoemde Gadeigiri land gedoneerd kreeg en bewoonde. 

Gopal komt vanuit Vrindavan

Gopal Giri had een lang gekoesterd verlangen om een deitie van Gopal te aanbidden. Tijdens de Ratha Yatra festivals in Puri benaderde hij toegewijden en sadhu's die uit Vrindavan kwamen en vroeg hen om een Deitie van Gopal mee te brengen. Ze reageerden positief, "Ja, ja. Volgende keer neem ik een Gopal Deitie voor  u mee". Maar niemand bracht ooit een Deitie.

Tegelijkertijd was er in Vrindavan een onthechte toegewijde die een Deitie van Gopal aanbad. Op een nacht verscheen deze Gopaldeitie in de sannyasi's droom en sprak tot hem. 

Srila Gour Govinda Swami verteld dit verhaal:

Gopal Giri deed in Puri dienst als overheidskassier. Hij was altijd in gedachten, "Wanneer ik een Gopaldeitie krijg zal ik Hem aanbidden." "Maar" dacht hij, "Hoe kan ik naar Vrindavan gaan?" Hij had een sterk verlangen om een Gopaldeitie te krijgen.

Toendertijd was deze GopalJiu deitie in Vrindavan bij een Vaisnava sannyasi, een persoon in de onthechte levensorde. Hij deed madhukari, bedelde, en hield de Deitie in zijn jhola, (een stuk stof geknoopt tot zak). Tijdens de dag deed hij madhukari, en s'avonds kookte hij wat hij gebedeld had en offerde dit aan Gopal. Op deze manier lijdde hij zijn leven.

Op een nacht (tijdens het rusten) vertelde deze Gopal deitie de Vaisnava, "breng me naar Gopal Giri, de zoon van Gadai Giri." Hij wil mij aanbidden. Ik wil daarnaartoe. Breng me daarheen. Maar de Vaisnava dacht dat het alleen maar een droom was. Hij nam het niet serieus. Na een paar dagen kwam Gopal weer in een droom en sloeg hem met een wandelstok op zijn benen.
Het was zo'n hevige aframmeling dat zijn benen bloedden. De sannyasi Vaisnava werd wakker en smeekte om vergeving, "Vergeeft u mij alstublieft mijn overtreding. Ik nam u order niet serieus.
Maar u heeft me zo hevig geslagen, Hoe kan ik gaan met zulke verwondingen aan mijn benen?" Gopal zei, "Wanneer Gopal Giri je aanraakt zal het genezen zijn, op andere wijze kan je niet genezen. Ga nu onmiddelijk, stel het niet langer uit.

Dus hij begon te lopen. Toendertijd was er geen communicatie netwerk, noch trein of bus. De enige manier was te voet. Het koste hem twee en een halve maand om Puri te bereiken.
Toendertijd verbleef Gopal Giri in een gehuurd huis in Kundhei Benta Sahi in Puri. De Vaisnava bereikte Puri in de avond en verbleef in de nabijheid van de Jagannath Tempel.

Vroeg de volgende ochtend informeerde hij, "Wie is Gopal Giri? Ik wil hem ontmoeten." Vele mensen kenden Gopal Giri; hij was bekent als de kassier van de Jagannath Tempel. Zo vond hij Gopal Giri spoedig bij zijn huurhuis.

Gopal Giri was net klaar met het nemen van zijn bad en was tilaka op aan het doen. De Vaisnava arriveerde en bracht zijn eerbetuigingen aan Gopal Giri. Hij nam toen de deitie uit zijn tas en bood hem aan Gopal Giri aan. Gopal Giri was met stomheidgeslagen, "Wat is dit? Wie bent u, en waar komt deze Deitie vandaan?"

De Vaisnava antwoorde, "U wilde Gopal om te aanbidden. Dus kwam Gopal uit Vrindavan. Ik verbleef in Vrindavan en droeg deze Gopal met mij mee. Hij vertelde me Hem aan u over te dragen, en Hij sloeg me.
Hij toonde Gopal Giri zijn benen en zei, "wanneer u ze aanraakt zullen ze genezen, anders niet. Dus Gopal Giri raakte ze onmiddelijk aan en de verwondingen waren verdwenen.

Gopal Giri was heel blij dat Gopal zijn verlangen had vervuld. Hij kon niet naar Vrindavan, maar Gopal was naar hem gekomen. Gopal Giri ging naar de markt en kocht rijst, dal, en groenten. Hij verzorgde Prasad en gaf wat aan de Vaisnava.
Toen ging hij naar de koning en diende zijn ontslag in, en zei, "Ik wil u niet meer dienen." Toen hij naar zijn kamer was teruggekeerd opende hij zijn tas en zei tegen de Vaisnava, "U kunt zoveel geld nemen als u wilt."

De Vaisnava zei, "Nee, ik wil geen geld. Ik wil alleen maar Gopal dienen. Waar Gopal ook gaat, daar zal ik ook gaan. Ik wil hem dienen. Ik ben niet iemand die Gopal wil verkopen. Ik ben een dienaar. Ik aanvaard geen geld.

Later ging Gopal Giri nogmaals naar de koning. De koning vroeg hem, "Waarom nam u ontslag? "Ik heb een Tempel in mijn dorp en ik had een sterk verlangen om een Deitie van Gopal te aanbidden." De koning was zeer geplezierd en zei, Oke, u verlangen is zeer prijswaardig. Ik heb er niks op tegen. Maar soms moet u naar Puri komen met u kirtan groep en chanten in Jagannath's Tempel.

Gopal Giri liet ook een deitie van Radha maken en instaleerde Haar. Hun Tempel was een hut van klei. Hij maakte alle voorzieningen voor Gopal, verzorgde landbouwgrond zodat er in de toekomst geen problemen zouden ontstaan in Gopal's onderhoud.

 Gopal Giri was een welvarend persoon. Zijn familie bezat land en ze waren beroemd vanwege hun kirtan. Elke dag was er kirtan gaande. Ten slotte kwam het land bij mij. Nu verzorgen wij het, en bouwen we een mooie Tempel voor Gopal.
(hier eindigd Maharaja's uitleg)

De koning gaf Gopal Giri een paar extra maanden salaris en stond hem toe te gaan. Gopal Giri stuurde een boodschap naar Gadeigiri naar een kirtangroep om Gopal te vergezellen naar zijn nieuwe huis. Toen de Gajapati koning de kirtan van de dorpelingen uit Gadeigiri hoorde werd hij erg blij. Het staat in de mandala-panji, het geschiedenisboek van Heer Jagannath's Tempel, dat wanneer de kirtangroep van Gadeigiri komt, zij altijd toestemming moeten krijgen om kirtan te doen in de Tempel.

Gopal Giri installeerde de Deitie van Gopal in Gadeigiri en verzocht de heilige uit Vrindavan om Gopal's dagelijkse aanbidding te verzorgen. Na 20 jaar toegewijde dienst verliet de heilige deze wereld en werd samadhi gegeven, ritueel begraven, in de buurt van Gopal's Tempel. Hierna betrok Gopal Giri andere onthechte Vaisnava's voor de dagelijkse aanbidding van Gopal. Nadat Gopal Giri deze wereld op 85 jarige leeftijd verliet ging de verantwoording voor Gopal's verzorging over op zijn zoon, Dinabandhu Giri.

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